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It enters GW, and good weather continues, but it is every day of patience this year in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Well, this time to the customer who was allowed to paint the outer wall a year agoAfter-followI immediately heard that there is a place that I want you to see when I contact you.

This is the exterior wall of the bath shop, but the piping passed through the outer wall, and the piping itself was quite aging.

However, I was allowed to repair and paint the outer wall without replacing the piping ...
Recently, water or a little leakage from the piping, it was connected to the outer wall, containing moisture, and bulging was caused.

After repairing the outer wall ↓↓↓

First, after peeling off only the floating part of the floating outer wall, the repaired part is adjusted to the circumference, and from the topI painted beautifully.

Paint again at the repair point ↓↓↓

To our customers.I was pleased with the immediate response.
This is, of course.無料We are.

Shall we paint the exterior walls soon? How much does it cost? etc...
We are waiting for you to contact us as we will be doing research and estimating free of charge.

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